The Snakes & The Mice

By Robb Flynn


The snakes come slowly slithering through thickets in the grass
Their snake eyes slowly hypnotizing millions of mice en masse
Pupils slanted upward, tongues flicker left and right
Pulling taught their scaled bows, arrows in words from the sky

Stabbing deep into the hearts the words release their poison.
Twisting and defiling any reason with its toxins
Endlessly the lies repeated sinking fangs so deep
Harvesting the mice's souls the reapers blade did reap

And all the snakes nodded along, come join us in our folly
Are cause it’s just, who can you trust? Our fight is now you’re calling
The mice wiped off their tired eyes so beaten and abused
The predators circled above the snakes comforted their views

The eagles wish to hunt you down, the snakes they slyly hissed
With talon‘s coming razor sharp and beaks a deadly kiss
Let us constrict around you we’ll protect you from that fate
Our blood is cold, but our scales are soft, and now it’s getting late

And so the mice decided that the snakes they must know best
Scared of ending up the prey, fed to the eagles nest
To show them their affections the snakes open up their jaws
Climb inside, will go and hide, and all your stress will pause

Thank you, thank you, thank you the mice all screamed aloud with glee
The fields have been treacherous the snakes will set us free
And the last thing that the mice remember in their fatal celebrating
Were the jaws closing behind them, tenderly asphyxiating

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