By Robb Flynn

Donald Trump will win the November 2020 election in a landslide. 

It will be the biggest democratic slaughtering in modern history, akin to Boris Johnson’s landslide victory over Corbin in the UK recently. 

Joe Biden does not stand a fucking chance against Donald Trump and the vicious, united, well financed GOP.

Democrats are going to cry in November 2020… 
Not me.

The Democratic establishment has rallied around “Dementia Joe”, and there will be no going back from this.

The youth have rallied around Bernie. They want change, but the old fucks in this country who had everything that the youth want (healthcare, cheap college) have lost the plot and only wanna protect what they have now. We bail out banks, airlines, and huge corporate farmers, it’s socialism for the ultra rich, and cold hard capitalism for the poor, poor farmers and middle-class

Revolution is coming, change is coming, it’s going to be harsh. But the old establishment who want to take us back to the “glory days” can’t seem to fathom this.

Warren will drop out in the next day or two and endorse Joe Biden.

That fucking moron Bloomberg just dropped out today and endorsed Joe Biden.

All of the other moderate dropouts endorsed Joe Biden.

I will never endorse Joe Biden. I will never vote for Joe Biden. He’s an old establishment out of touch fool. He is the very embodiment of everything that I cannot stand in a politician. I refuse to vote for a person I don’t believe in.

I will never vote for Trump. He’s the embodiment of everything that I cannot stand in a human being.

A spoiled, rich brat who was a millionaire by the time he was 8 years old.

Dude was born on 3rd base!  Silver spoon in mouth, growing up with a $200,000 a year allowance. He never had to work… He inherited everything from his wealthy father. He never had to “pull himself up by his bootstraps”, he never had to eat Top Ramen sandwiches to survive, never knew what it was like to grow up three blocks away from the trailer park that your father grew up in, no idea what poor white trash is, he is the epitome of New York City, elite, coastal, WHITE privilege.

The spoiled billionaire playboy who got bailed out by daddy, and the government (with subsidies) his whole life, and has the nerve to complain about welfare.

I’ve had four abortions, I can’t imagine how many abortions that motherfucker's had, with all those models, strippers, and porn stars he was fuckin’ back (now?) when he was a “playboy billionaire”.

And all those idiot Christians who follow him… The jokes on you suckahs… You’re getting conned by the ultimate Con man

And he’s GOOD!! Trump has charisma, Trump has wit, Trump is entertaining.  Biden on the other hand has NONE of that.  Mumbling, absurdly old-fashioned comebacks, he’s fucking VANILLA!

Trump’s giving people hope, while simultaneously crushing their dreams and enriching all of his billionaire buddies and their / his corporations, cutting the very safety net that supports most of the folks that live paycheck to paycheck. 

And that includes me.

I’m 6 paychecks away from being out on the street.

I’m one serious injury away from being out on my ass.

But people vote against their own self interests all the time, it’s a fact of American life

I grew up on punk rock, early thrash metal, and Public Enemy/NWA (and throw in some goth and pop). I was taught to believe that all politicians were full of shit. Reagan was full of shit, Clinton was full of shit, both Bush’s were full of shit, Obama was full of shit, every last one of them. Trump just happens to be more full of shit than all of those guys combined.

The first time that I saw Metallica, they were opening for Raven at the Berkeley Keystone, on the Kill ‘Em All for One Tour" 1983, James Hetfield was wearing a t-shirt with

Ronald 6
Wilson 6
Reagan 6

With an upside down cross behind it!!

We all knew what it meant!  That all those motherfuckers are full of shit!! Fuck the politicians!!

It’s strange times we live in when people rally behind a politician old enough to be their grandpa, with a really bad spray tan that makes him look like some over-sized nacho cheese Dorito, and yet to many, this dude is the ultimate!

Really…?  A politician is the ultimate…?  


And then you got motherfuckers like “I’m rich, I gotta vote for Trump”!!

Everyone thinks they’re fucking rich now. Maybe because the mainstream rap music that been shoved down our throats for the last 15 years has somehow made us believe that. Life is about money and cars and Versace driveways.

Motherfucker, you ain’t rich! And you ain’t ever going to be rich, none of us are rich. I’m not rich!  But I’ve seen behind the golden curtain, I’ve been around the truly filthy rich… You have no fucking idea what that lifestyle is like, they hide it from folks!  Shit would blow your mind, shit would make you angry.

And it’s funny that all the truly rich folks that can’t stand Trump, are quaking in their boots over Sanders… 

Now they’ll see what it’s like to pay 35% taxes!! 

You motherfuckers been getting away with less than a 75% of that, and in most cases ZERO TAXES, for WAY too long!!

Ever heard of the fine art tax loophole?  Google that shit!

Joe Biden does not stand a chance against Trump, period, end of story, come November it will be a slaughter.

This will be the first year that I do not vote in the United States of America since 1991. 
I’m checking out, the Democratic establishment is against us. The Un-united States Of America is a mess.  Though the good news is, 60% of the population wont vote either!!  Thats right… 60% WON'T VOTE AT ALL!!

Joe Biden will never win against Trump

People will say if I don’t vote for Biden, it’s a vote for Trump. Same bullshit I heard last election. 

I won’t vote for people I don’t believe in.

Back in 1993 I create a sound collage of these words, they ring true today

“My fathers your system
I’m what you made me
I’m a reflection of you
Is it a conspiracy that the youth are rising up against the establishment, because the establishment is rapidly working to destroy us?
It’s not my music
The music speaks to you every day, but you’re to deaf, dumb, and blind to hear it
It’s not my music
I just hear what it relates

It says rise

It says kill”