Thank you Head Cases

By Robb Flynn

I’d like to thank all the Head Cases for inspiring me to do this song below.

As most of you know, when the pandemic hit, I started doing Acoustic Happy Hour shows on Facebook. It was mostly to just keep playing music, but also to just have some laughs and a few drinks with a few hundred friends.  

I’ll be straight with you, I pretty much sucked for the first six weeks, but I knew that if I didn’t suck in public for the first six weeks, I’d never push myself to get better. Playing acoustic songs is WAY out of my wheelhouse, having played crushingly heavy music for the last 28 years, and it was quite scary at times. I didn’t have electric guitars to hide behind, I couldn’t go into a deep guttural growl, or a screech if I fucked up, and I was a bit insecure about it all.

You guys have pushed me to keep on going because we had so much fun, and in turn have pushed me to become better singer. I began taking vocal lessons with Mellisa Cross about four months ago and it’s opened up a whole new world for me. I still have a loooooong ways to go, and continue to beat myself up when I listen back to the Happy Hours knowing that I could do better.

You guys asked me to play ”Circle The Drain" as it was still a new song at that point, and I reimagined it to this version. You guys liked it so much, and kept asking when it was going to come out… So here it is

This is one-take, played all the way through, no fancy studio trickery, just left raw as it felt more real like that.

Life is amazing like that… this song never would’ve come out, and I never would have done anything like this had the pandemic not struck… ya just gotta roll with punches.

Thanks to all of you for continually pushing me to be better, to improve myself, to be stronger, to be more confident in my abilities, and for being there all these years.