Good Times in my DM's and Emails

By Robb Flynn

Good times in my DM‘s and General Journals emails today. Just a little taste. By no means the most threatening or egregious ones. 

Listen to me… I have literally dealt with this for 30 years. Before it was in mail and hand written letters, then it was emails and message boards, now it’s DM’s and the comment section.

Just so we’re all crystal clear... I am not going anywhere.

I will not shut up.

If you don’t like the things that I have to say here, or on my personal Instagram account, unfollow. I’m not here to please you, or give you some watered down version of what you think somebody in metal band should be.

Don’t agree with my politics? Again, go ahead and unsubscribe. Zero Fucks Given. No one is forcing you to be here.  You are free to reply to me and speak your opinions, as long as you are respectful and not spamming.  And so it’s said, I keep a pretty long leash on what is “respectful”.  I won’t respond to emails.  But I’m happy to share other points of view in my journals as well.

“Shut up and stick to music”? I’ll do just that… By singing songs like a “nation on fire”, “Davidian”, “clenching the Fists of Dissent”, “ in comes the flood“ and “halo”. 

And for those of you here who wrote these to me... consider this a warning.  I purposefully left your names off of this journal. This is the last time I will do that. 

Let there be no mistake, I will not hesitate to Dox you the fuck out. 

I’ve been a public figure for most of my adult life, since I was 19, I’m used to people threatening me. I had over a thousand death threats after the “racism in metal“ video, I still get death threats at least twice a week. I accept it for what it is.

But the second people start threatening my wife and my kids, you’ve crossed the line, a line that I will never accept.

Don’t believe me? FUCKING BRING IT!!


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