Her eagles head in mourning

By Robb Flynn

Traitors and the treacherous.
Pardons for the pardonless.
Forgiveness for the unforgivable.
Caress me abuser, for why I want thy love?
Asking for respect from the ones who only shun.
Inequalities left barren as were cast unto the flame.
Sycophants and senators laughing with no shame.

Snake oil salesman salivate, the fools they have unearthed.
Predators of prey they come to pounce as they subvert.
The lying liars lie their way to ever-growing heights.
The dollars given daily drench the flames of the far-right.
Proud boys proudly pandering to racist thugs with crosses.
Invited by, inciting endless violence for their bosses.

Never let the naysayers needle us with guilt.
Fight the bloody battles against the horrors that they've built.
Be warrior, be wanderer, be seeker full of rage.
Nomadic laurels never rest, they free this mortal cage.
This failed coup of Ku Klux Klan should serve all as a warning.
Democracy is dying, her eagles head hung low in mourning.

- RF



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