By Robb Flynn

This photo is so powerful to me. 

Taken by our photographer @jernwatson somewhere on tour, it captures so many elements that are the essence of metal.  
To some people to sign this is a sign of the devil, but to me it’s a symbol of strength. Of power. Of unity, belief, and passion. A symbol that just needs to be flashed one time and you instantly have an idea about what that person is like.  
Pop stars and sports teams have tried to hijack it, but they’ll never take it from us, because they don’t believe in it. 
The “metal horns” have the power to move mountains. It can accomplish what politicians can only dream of, uniting disseparate groups for something more powerful than them... metal music.  This symbol allows us to set aside all of our differences whether you’re a Christian or a Satanist, liberal or conservative, gay or straight, black or white, when everybody has their metal horns in the air, we are all one people. 
Not divided by borders, not divided by religions, not divided by race… 
Because music has the power to heal, music has the power to bring us all together, the power to save.  
Music my savior.