RIP Malcolm Dome

By Robb Flynn

Great article from Kerrang! main-man Phil Alexander on the passing of legendary music journalist Malcolm Dome.

And another by Metal Hammer UK

Malcolm was a huge champion of Machine Head from the get-go and always had some thing funny and witty to say.  But my favorite memory of him, is hanging out at an insanely packed night at London’s infamous Crobar, (which is one of the very best dive bars in the entire world). We were just sitting crammed in a corner by the front door talking about all the artists from the 70s and 80s that he had a chance to meet, drink, chat with. 

He had gotten many opportunities to hang out with Bon Scott from AC/DC, and I just sat there mesmerized listening to him tell a story after story. He said Bon could “drink any man under the table, and get any woman that he wanted. His charms were irresistible”. 

I don’t know what it is about the story that stays with me, but Malcolm was genuinely one of a kind. As a religious reader of Kerrang! magazine in my teenage years, so much of the early thrash bands that he championed would lead me to the path where I stand today

RIP Malcolm Dome