By Robb Flynn

Women’s March for abortion rights, Martinez, CA. Oct. 2nd, 2021.  Powerful signs, and even more powerful speakers detailing frankly horrific scenarios.  

One older lady spoke about being gang raped in Ohio when she was young, and after finding out she was pregnant, not allowed to get an abortion in the pre-Roe V Wade world.  After being denied by multiple doctors, she had to go to Mexico where the operation was botched and she bled for 3 weeks and nearly died. Only then was she able to get an emergency surgery, and she survived.

Another older lady (who had never told her story publicly), gave a powerful speech about having her baby die inside her during her 3rd trimester, and 10 different doctors insisting she carry it for 3 more months until it came out. Finally she convinced a retiring doctor to help her remove the dead baby from inside her.

Even after all these years her voice trembled with emotion. 

The wisdom and courage of these elderly ladies was moving.  They despised the pre-Roe V Wade world, and begged all the young ladies to fight like hell for their rights, and how important this moment is. 



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