15 YEARS...

By Robb Flynn

15 years ago… Just read a DM from a fan, explaining how his country was ravaged by war back in 2007, how his family had to flee, how this record documented so much of the pain and loss he was feeling. 

And here we are in 2022, with another horrible war happening, perpetuated by yet another madman, war-monger and tyrant. Watching innocent civilians, women and children killed. 

Innocent people are still being lost daily to gun violence in America… even if it’s not on-stage… and I hope they still burn in hell.

People are still struggling with depression and suicide.

Religious zealots and extremists are still trying to force their gods down our throats.

But the fight goes on. 

The courage, power, and urgency to “fight for all that you love“ while watching corrupt politicians dismantle democracy and freedom remains strong in our bones.

We will not trade humanity for pearls of our slavery.

Our fists forever clenched in dissent.