Exodus in the streets of Oakland

By Robb Flynn

What a night.  

Beyond honored to be asked to sing one of my favorite songs of all time “A Lesson In Violence” with one of my favorite bands of all time.  Absolutely EPIC Exodus show tonight in the streets of Oakland as part of the Oakland Metro's street fair.  Pure mayhem! 

Seeing Tom Hunting alive, cancer free, and kicking ass is one of the greatest things on earth. Watching original H-Team guitarist Rick Hunolt slay up there right alongside the mighty Lee Altus, paying tribute to Paul Baloff was amazing. Long-time scene-veteran Brian Lew has produced some Paul Baloff action figures which frankly, are simply awesome, Zetro up onstage hoisting it in the air for all to see was a fantastic sight.

This was some dream come true shit for me. Exodus was and always will be a more-than-words-can-express-inspiration to the music I write.  It was a leave-it-all-on-the-stage-moment for sure

So many friends to hang out and sing-a-long with including Sean from Vio-lence, Sven ex-Mercenary, Lars from Rancid, ALL of Death Angel, Wayne from Hatebreed, Chris Kontos (sick stage dive!), and so many other friends, plus took Wyatt to his first Exodus show to see the thrash carnage firsthand. 

Gary Holt you da man!🙏🏻🖤👊🏻

Watch the video HERE