Took my kids in their first circle pit.

By Robb Flynn

Took my kids in their first circle pit yesterday. 

To say that this would be a “proud dad” moment would be the understatement of the year.  I wanted to do this for so long, really since they were both born. In the past they were just a little too young, or Genevra was feeling a little over protective at the time, and it just didn’t happen. Now at 17 and 14 they were literally the perfect age, especially now that my 17-year-old is a giant musclebound galoot!  

Both of my kids very first favorite songs when they were young were System of a Down songs. Zander‘s was “waiting for my girl" (aka: "Hypnotize") and Wyatts was “old school Hollywood” ("Tony Danza cuts in line"). We were there with their forever-friend Braeden who is a gigantic fan of both bands as well, but in particular is bananas about Korn.

So my friend Deen and I grabbed all three kids and made our way from the soundboard to the edge of the circle pit. From there, Braeden just bolted into it, zero fucks given. We quickly followed suit, and man, we had the BEST fucking time. 

It’s been a looooooooong time since I’ve been in a circle pit, I think Gwar when we were on the Sounds of the Underground tour in '06 was the last one.  It was a blast for me, but it was thrilling as fuck for the three of them! The excitement, the danger of getting knocked down, the vibe of everybody screaming along… man, it was so much fun.  Maybe it was the two years off from live music, but it was exhilarating in every letter of the word.

Getting the opportunity to share that moment with my kids was fucking priceless.

Eventually Zander and Braeden got super close to the front row, and Wyatt and I stayed in the pit for “Bounce“ by a System which was absolutely bonkers.  

It’s wild watching the kids grow up, it goes so fast.  

And having been a metalhead dad that knew what a blast this was going to be, to literally watch this dream come true was truly special.  I wish I could’ve hung out with the Korn and System dudes some more, but unfortunately I was having too much fun in the circle pit with my boys at their show!

Shout out to Shavo, Brian and Munky for the epic hang.