NFR Podcast at #7 on Apple

By Robb Flynn

My podcast was #7 on Apple (music podcasts) last week. Thank you all SO MUCH for supporting No Fuckin’ Regrets.  My top podcasts have 30,000 to 40,000 views on YouTube, and we just broke the threshold of 10,000 audio downloads per episode, which means we can start making a little bit of ad money. 😃

The guys and gals at Gas Digital Network have been kicking ass for me, and I gotta shout Ralph, and my producers Francis and Irish for delivering big time.  As most of you know, my podcast has only been going for about a year and a half now. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to LIKE doing something like this, but having these wild, intense, hilarious conversations has been one of the most truly rewarding parts of this, along with watching the impact that these wild, intense, hilarious conversations have on you guys and the world at large.

Shout out to my guests for going along with the loose, raunchy, sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll aspect of this podcast and often times delivering nuggets of information that the public at large even knows about.

Are there times when I dislike being a former-touring-musician, and it seems like I’m a full-time podcaster now? Yes! 
Are there times when my throat hurts, and my back hurts for sitting up for three hours doing a podcast? Yes!  Are there times when I never want to do another podcast again? Yes!  

But you guys spreading the word, telling your friends, writing in, and being apart of this, has really kept me going, and seeing how much you all dig it is bad ass!

Thanks for always supporting, you are the best!

Shout out to Ryan Downey for compiling.

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