Gary Holt (EXODUS, SLAYER) on No F'n Regrets Podcast

By Robb Flynn


NFR Podcast Episode #31 Gary Holt (EXODUS, SLAYER GUITARIST)
I sit down with thrash metal legend Gary Holt for an in-depth discussion on life in quarantine, him surviving the coronavirus, his early days playing with Kirk Hammet (Metallica), what led to the split with original Exodus vocalist Paul Baloff, surviving the 2000’s music scene, and how fulfilled he is playing in Exodus again after an 8 year stint with Slayer.

Gary and Exodus were huge part of my musical formation. Straight up, without Exodus, there would be no Machine Head. Their take-no-prisoners-attitude had a profound effect on my musical upbringing, and even the way that I look at music. "Bonded by Blood" is to this day, a modern thrash metal masterpiece that rivals several Metallica records and several Slayer records in my books.  

BBB is part of my DNA at this point. I know every lead, every drum fill, every riff, every key change, like the back of my hand

He has continued to keep the Exodus fire alive for 30+ years while continuing to innovate on the guitar along the way.  In my opinion he is the inventor of the Floyd Rose “dive bomb” popularized by Dimebag. If you go and listen to all of those Exodus bootlegs (that I used to have a cassette), he was doing it before ANYBODY.

Let me take you on a journey back to the early Bay Area thrash scene and bring it back up to now through all it's faded glory





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