Law & Order

By Robb Flynn

"Law and order" bellowed the most corrupt of presidents.
"Law and order" echoed all the throne-sniffers and sycophants. 
"Stop the count" and "stop the steal" cried most constituents
Swallowing their every lie, content in their belligerence

The lying lawmakers made it known the rich need breaks on taxes
12 seditious senators subvert the People’s will all to distract us
Racist thugs descend on the cities itching for reactions
The so-called patriots-for-Christ, fascistic in their actions

And all the while pandemics raged as leaders they vacationed
The leaders golfed and played their games to America’s conflagration
They dined with golden cutlery on freedoms mutilation
And wiped their filthy lips with rags of family separation

The bread lines forms for miles and miles as good folks lost their salaries
The tech barons robbed and robbed and served up plates of empty calories
Billionaires lobbied for protections against workers and equality
While nonchalantly outsourcing their jobs with camp frivolity

The people thought the rich would let them climb inside their axis 
Pretending that they cared, while they besmirched and then attacked us
Their bellies getting fatter off the lower classes taxes
Well I say "eat the rich" my friends, start sharpening your axes 


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