By Machine Head

And the "Catharsis" North American leg ends. 
 We had some incredible shows, we had a few rough patches, but one thing is for sure, it was hands down the best Evening With yet!! Our best U.S. headline attendances across the board (with or without packages!). Insane merch numbers every night! 
 Pretty mind-blowing. 
 It wasn't the easiest ride, we lost 5 shows when Robb got viral bronchitis (official doctors diagnosis... and he still has it!), we lost a TON of money, and if it wasn't for us owning our merch now and the Head Cases stepping up hard and supporting, the tour would have been a bust. 
 Our crew work their asses off for us, long, 16 hour days, 3 to 4 shows in-a-row... it's a grind, and they get none of the glory, but without them the MACHINE doesn't happen. 
 Big shout out to Pot Rod, Ham Smasher, Pandoro Dudesky, Church, The 73rd best Tour Manager in the world, Roger, John, Dutch and Bryon for crushing it out there! 
For all of the U.S. and Canadian Head Cases who ignored all the hate and negativity and came out to stand by your band, you are fucking amazing!! 
 #spreadthehead #machinehead