By Machine Head

In light of ongoing health issues and recent cancellations on our US tour we are having to make some necessary changes to the forthcoming European tour. This coupled with a particularly gruelling tour schedule set forth by the booking agents and promoters mean we are unfortunately forced into a situation where we are cancelling some shows in order to preserve Robb’s voice so we can complete the tour to the best of our ability. This will ease up on the schedule and make for a workable tour.

Sadly these shows are cancelled rather than being put back to a later date as our forthcoming itinerary does not give us the ability to reschedule. Our sincere apologies to fans who will be disappointed by this and we will endeavour to return at a later date. Refunds for these shows will be via returns to point of purchase.
Show cancellations are as follows:

April 06           Valencia               Sala Republica
April 11             Bologna                Zona Riveri

May 03           Oslo                       Rockefeller
May 26           Manchester          Academy