By Machine Head

AKA: Home of The Oakland Ragerssssss!! 

Hey guys, Robb here... Where do I even start...? 

Last night, Saturday March 3rd was a landmark moment for this band.   

History was made last night. 

Choosing to headline The Fox was always going to be ambitious.  And while it's our favorite venue in our hometown, no metal band [not fronted by James Hetfield] from the Bay Area has attempted it... And there are plenty of reasons why.  It's a BIG, expensive-ass room, and and on top of that, we weren't bringing a package of support acts to help pad the place, we were doing it by ourselves.  

I truly believe it was a statement, and it was time for us to make a statement.  

This show would succeed or fail on our merits alone.  And while the likelihood of it failing were always very low as the Bay Area Head Cases have always had our backs, it's not like we have/had the typical press/promo outlets like that other band from the Bay Area I mentioned earlier... Machine Head get ZERO radio play in our hometown, ZERO coverage from the local music press / newspapers, ZERO love from the entire faction when it comes to the media out here.

We are "the other band from Liverpool"

If I had a nickel for every local newsbit that started off "well, they never got as big as ..."

Last night was important because last night’s insanity was made possible through word of mouth, the internet, and by sheer willpower.  

Last night was hands down THE biggest and best Bay Area show in Machine Head history! 

In fact, it was our largest U.S. headline show in Machine Head history!

We officially passed the 3 hour mark for the first time ever (and it seemed to go by in an instant), with “Hallowed Be Thy Name” and “A Farewell To Arms” making their “Catharsis “World Tour debut’s.

Looking out into the audience last night before "Halo" I couldn't help get a bit choked up.  Thinking back to our humble beginnings playing warehouse parties and kegger parties in East Oakland, to the first venues brave enough to give us a chance as headliners at The Berkeley Square, and The Rock On Broadway...to realizing somewhere along the way that if we were ever going carve our own path, we had to get out of the shadow of "The Big M", and forge a new style.

Man... we've come a long way Head Cases.

Nothing but love for our family, friends, rail-riders and pit-smashers who sang their hearts out and made last night so special!

It was an honor and a privilege to play for you Bay Area.