By Machine Head

It has been brought to our attention that a small portion of the recent re-issue of “The Blackening” vinyl (picture disc) has arrived with duplicates of the picture disc.  Our partners at Nuclear Blast are speaking to the manufacturers to sort out this inexcusable and embarrassing mistake ASAP.

If your disc arrives and is a duplicate, contact us immediately at

As we have just started sending items out, some of our staff have suggested a couple of options to move forward:

- We can send the picture disc as-is and you will likely get a correct disc, or possibly incorrect item and we can get the correct disc over time.

- We can carefully open up the side of every single vinyl and confirm if the vinyl is correct before sending out, but you will be receiving a package that is not seal-wrapped.  

The 2nd option is likely the safest manner in which to deal with this, but some collectors understandably prefer to keep the vinyl completely sealed.

Reply or leave a comment about what you are comfortable with

Thank you

- Ten Ton Trading Team