By Machine Head

Hey Head Cases, Robb here. 
Put your hands together and give it up for long-time bassist/backing vocalist Jared MacEachern on his 10 year anniversary with Machine Head. 
Announced on the eve of the Mayhem Festival, Jared had technically been in the band for almost a month at that point and he proved more than formidable on his inaugural tour with the band, rocking hard onstage during the day and becoming the life of the party at night.

Great bassist, incredible vocalist, creative collaborator, drinking buddy and all-around solid-as-fuck dude, it is a pleasure having this mofo in Machine Head.  Having survived the tumultuous “Catharsis-era”, he now has persevered longer than both Led Zeppelin and the Beatles were making records, and twice as long as The Police were even a band, not to mention living with me for years on end!!!  

Ladies and gentlemen, please give it up for the mighty J-Mac!!