By Machine Head

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Today (Friday) at 1pm after his Facebook Live at noon, Robb will perform an acoustic set alongside his son Wyatt on a few songs.

Robb adds “As some of you know, I had been booking an acoustic tour in Europe for June of this year. I was basically going to bring my family out and I was going to play a handful of acoustic dates right after our European tour ended, and the plan was to have my son Wyatt join me for a few songs.

Well, that all fell apart…

With movement here in the bay area limited, not to mention the frustration of having our entire tour canceled, there’s a lot of pent up musical energy that needs to be released.  

With my son outta school until at least September, he and I have been jamming and we came up with a pretty rad acoustic version of “Circle The Drain” with him playing cello.  Here it is for you guys to listen to. In fact the whole 33 minute performance is over on my Instagram live page for the next six hours or so for free.

Our partners at suggested I do an acoustic performance on their site.  This is a crazy time, our lives are all about to change dramatically. But we still have music. I know times are tough for a lot of folks right now, getting laid off and struggling to keep businesses open, so if you can't watch it I totally understand.  I’m right there with ya.  The first two songs will be streamed on Facebook for free regardless. 

We've got to keep putting music out, we have to keep being creative, we have to lift each other spirits up. Hopefully this will help some of you.”

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