By Robb Flynn

Wow! Holy Fucking WOW! What an adventure!

First off… The biggest, most monumentally heart felt, and sincerest of THANKS to ALL the Head Cases who came out and raged with us on the ‘Burn My Eyes 25th Anniversary North American Tour.’  Starting out in Mid-January in Phoenix, I/we did not know what to expect.  After the completion of the European run, I promised the fellas that "the US will come through and blow us away."  You did!  Goddamn did you guys kick some serious fucking ass!  Not only does that make for an amazing evening of music but it gave us some of the most memorable shows US / Canadian shows of our ENTIRE career! 

From the moment the house lights went down the electricity was mind-blowing.  I mean the reaction and energy generated by YOU was straight up legendary on some nights!! There were some genuine hair-raising, goosebump-inducing, loin-stimulating, shit-goddammit-I’m-about-to-cry-type moments on this tour.  Many thanks to you maniacs!  Oakland in particular, was an incredibly special, misty-eyed moment for all of us.  We are eternally grateful for your intensity, passion, and most importantly, your belief.  Thank you for continuing to fight the good fight even when things may have seemed to be spiraling a bit.    

Every single one of my band guys made me proud night after night. As a professional musician, sometimes you must dig deep and find what it is inside that makes you WANT to do this.  It’s a personal thing to seek the motivation to step up and deliver the goods. When you do that, you lead by example and end up pushing your co-workers to greater and greater heights. The celebratory results are so much sweeter when it’s done as a unit. Please join me in raising a glass to Jared, Matt, Vogg, Chris, and Logan, for slaying not only the Metal Dragon nightly, but also the personal dragons that exist within us all.  

And as nothing happens in a bubble, the six of us couldn’t do it without the help of the best road crew we’ve ever had.  Working their asses off, gelling as a team, kicking ass under some pretty tough, blizzardy conditions and making Machine Head the well-oiled machine that you guys saw up onstage. 

Super-sized shout outs with extra cheese to Steve, Luke, Rodrigo, Casey, Daniel, Lukas, Party Boi, Nathan, Jern, Hannah, Leslie, Drake, Olav, Sugar Bear, Mike, Bud, Ronnie, and our pink shirt loving Kentucky lunatic, the one and only Colin!

Promoters and venues were thrilled as we broke several venue alcohol sales records!!  Shout out to all the promoters who partnered with us to bring this crazy carnival to town!  And shout out to Nuclear Blast for helping us make people aware of this special moment in our history. And last but not least.... shout out to Joey and Scott for working out the significant bumps along the road to make this whole thing get off the ground!

Yet while no adventure is complete without a couple of hiccups, there’s no doubt we had em! The flu that's been decimating the US, joined us, and it decided to run rampant through both tour buses… that shit hit EVERYONE like a goddamn freight train!  We feel terrible about having to reschedule Pontiac and Minneapolis, but as Logan so eloquently put it “it was the sickest he’s been in the last 10 years” (and that guys in great shape!). I can concur, I can’t recall a time when I was so sick my legs buckled out from under me... it was bad. We are looking into options to reschedule for the Fall now and we will keep you posted.

But once again, to the Head Cases and Lion Hearts that came out and raged so fucking hard with us on our triumphant return/celebration of our debut album, you are the life force that keeps us going, the energy you gave us could light up a goddamned city!!

Thank you

- Robb