By Machine Head

Song highlights and rehearsal room “Flynnanigan's" from last weeks fundraiser for Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation.

Song highlights include "Darkness Within (acoustic w/ Robb's son Wyatt on cello) and "Born To Run” - Bruce Springsteen

Robb Flynn & Friends (aka: Robb Flynn & The Fabulous Disasters)

Craig Locicero (Dress The Dead, Forbidden) - guitars
Andy Galeon (Death Angel) - drums, percussion, backing vocals
Brad Barth (Spiral Arms) - keyboards, piano
Zack Ohren (producer, Light This City) - bass, vocals
Eric “Bobo, Maverick“ McIntyre (Attitude Adjustment, Sap) - lead vocals
Joe Cabral a.k.a.:  Fuckin' Joe, Crummy Joe, Drummy Joe, Rummy Joe, Rodeo Joe  (Pigs, The Jesus Crisis)  - drums, percussions, beer

Harold O (D.R.I.) - bass, vocals
Kayla Dixon (Dress The Dead, Witch Mountain) - lead vocals, backing vocals
Dave "Swampy” Ryle (Fungo Mungo, Dot 3) - saxophone 
Mark Russo (Doobie Brothers) - saxophone
Wyatt Flynn (Robb's son) - cello
Philip Brezina (Green Day, Machine Head)  - violin
Rebecca Roundman (Oakland Symphony) - cello 
Meg Titchener (Oakland Symphony) - viola
Robb Flynn (Machine Head) - lead vocals, guitar