Is There Anybody Out There Turns 4!

By Machine Head

Released 4 years ago today, ITABOT remains one of the single most popular and polarizing songs in the bands entire catalogue.  And not without good reason.  Released 5 months in the aftermath of the "Racism In Metal" video, the song tackled the same racism, disgust, and disconnect from the world as the video did, in a short 4 minute blast music, that some felt was equal parts sell-out and betrayal.  

Yet 4 years later, it stands unchallenged as the #1 song on Spotify for Machine Head.  In fact, at no time during that 4 years, has any song taken if from the number one spot.  No song off "Catharsis" topped it, "Do Or Die" didn't top it, and while "Circle The Drain" did manage to bump it for 2 weeks, it returned immediately.

It is a verifiable MONSTER in the live arena, with the crowd often singing the fierce protest anthem so loud, the band can barely be heard.

Today it's meaning is even more necessary.  It stands as a powerful reminder, as protests rage across our country, combined with the glaring inequality exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, that these words need to be screamed at the top of our lungs.

Do you remember hearing it for the first time?  Have you see Machine Head play this song live?  How has the song stood the test of time for you?

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