By Machine Head

Thats right, at 21 years of age, our 2nd album is officially old enough to go an buy beer and weed!

Filled with such live staples as "Ten Ton Hammer", "Take My Scars" and "Struck A Nerve", TMTC sounds as fresh and heavy today as it did back then.

TMTC fun facts:
- First 2 songs written for the album we're "The Frontlines" and Struck A Nerve". The Frontlines was debuted in Europe on the 1995 headline run for "Burn My Eyes" and inspired an uber-awesome fan site of the same name. "Struck A Nerve" was debuted later that year on 1995 BME U.S. headline run w/ Stuck Mojo and Wickerman.
- Drummer Dave McClain's debut album with the band

- The album was recorded and mixed at The Plant in Sausalito, CA, Scream Studios in Burbank, CA, Parr St. studios in Liverpool, England, Hyde Street in San Francisco, CA and finally Larrabee Studios in West Hollywood.

- TMTC was remixed 3 times and guitars were re-recorded 3 times to achieve the ultimate heavy guitar tone! It STILL out-heavy's most modern metal guitar tone.

- It debuted in the Top 20 in Europe/UK, and #138 on the US Billboard charts, and sold 10,000 copies in the U.S. it's first week. 

- Headlined Dynamo open air festival 1997 Holland.

- European headline tour support came from Coal Chamber, Napalm Death and Skinlab. Plus Entombed and Misery Loves Company.
- Videos for "Ten Ton Hammer" and "Take My Scars" featured live footage shot at The Berkeley Square in Berkeley, The Trocadero In Philadelphia, and The Vic Theater in Chicago.

- Problems plagued the recording including: Entire guitar tracks and vocals getting erased (this was pre-pro tools), Robb stress constipation, didn't poop for a week.

- 6 tours criss-crossed the U.S. including 3 headline tours, Ozzfest MainStage slot (2nd band of day), main support to Corrosion Of Conformity, and main support Pantera. Support on headline tours from Snot, Drain STH, and Coal Chamber

- On this day 21 years ago the boys were at an HMV doing a record store meet-n-greet in London.

- Favorite song among band members at the time: the rarely played "Blood Of The Zodiac”.

- Dave McClain shattered his knee in a car crash on the freeway, was unable to play for months. Luckily the remixes allowed him the time to heal.
- Robb infamously banned MH A&R guru Monte Conner from ever attending an MH studio session again.
- While mixing in Liverpool, the boys spent a wild night getting hammered with Ian Gillian of Deep Purple fame. He listened to the entire TMTC album at near deafening volume, and drank with the boys til 7AM sharing the most insane rock-n-roll stories EVER!

- The boys would take a chance on their 3rd remix bringing in a young, unknown engineer named Andy Sneap to assist. His talents, and fresh perspective greatly helped the album. He would become one of the most sought-after metal producers of today.

- TMTC would go on to sell half a million albums worldwide.

What do YOU remember about The More Things Change? Many reviews at the time felt it was not as strong as BME, do you agree? Did you see us live on this album? 

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