My Hands Are Empty [OFFICIAL TRACK]

My Hands Are Empty [OFFICIAL TRACK]

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24-bit WAV HD files and more of Machine Head's new song "My Hands Are Empty" direct from the band, available Nov 13th, 2020 on all digital platforms everywhere.


**Track pushed back, will be delivered Nov 13th**

*Free cover art included*

Choose from WAV formats in both 24-bit/48kHz (the highest-resolution formats direct from Machine Head), plus 16 Bit.44kHz (CD quality), and 320 K MP3 (format higher resolution that Apple AFF file.)

24 Bit WAV HD
16 Bit WAV
320 K MP3 HD

WAV-HD are a high-resolution audio format (24-bit) for audiophiles to enjoy more than three times the fidelity of a standard audio CD. Be sure to check compatibility with your favorite software or portable player.

**To download, you must be on a desktop computer or laptop. Downloads will not work on mobile devices like an iPhone or iPad.